The hercules indicator/strategy is based on pullbacks. The indicator can be used on every forex pair.

So far it generated profits but only on the M5 timeframe and exactly how the author described to use it.

Gold Price Break $1200 level

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Kind regards from Hercules. In the pictures Hercules DW in action. Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy. Admin Friday, 21 April This post has been suspended.

Do not buy the full version of this product. Vito Thursday, 20 April Hi Hercules, The indi has expired.. Admin Thursday, 20 April Ramirez Monday, 17 April Pablos Sunday, 16 April Marks Saturday, 15 April I have tested it on the majors only. Some days are hard but most of the days are profitable indeed.

I see it on weekly base. Did not test on cross pairs yet. Gerard Friday, 14 April Marc Friday, 14 April Diego Friday, 14 April Hello Leo, if i may i will share my usage of the indicator. I am feeling that i owe the author and the website to tell my experiences with it. Untill now i made very good profits.

Normally i find always flaws in a system after a while that made me unsure to use them on my live accounts. But i've tested this one on demo 2 weeks and since then i dared to use it live on 1 of my small accounts.

So far it generated profits but only on the M5 timeframe and exactly how the author described to use it. Because at most brokers the spread are low on those 2 and the volatility is good.

Enough chances to make profits. I do not use an extra filter because, as the author said, it already filters. If you filter a filter, you exclude some great moves also and it would become another system. I use another filter instead; time. I trade during volatile times like the UK and US sessions.

But i am still very casious with my findings. Just use it on max 2 volatile pairs during volitile times and stick with the rules. No emotions or whatsoever. Thanks to the author and the website for publishing this!! Leo Friday, 14 April How to filter this indicator? That filter could be added? Hercules can provide guidance. Mohammed Friday, 14 April When very profitable on m5. Hercules Thursday, 06 April Hello Mark, for swing there will come one soon.

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