Best hedging ea which can give max return

This trading idea is originally posted by " coensio " on " forex-tsd " forum and developed by the coensio team.


Then you repeat the cycle. At the moment you only open a trade in both directions and it goes to take profit. Then it carries on like that. I see its fantastic return on eurusd or gbpusd for example I am not a coder. You may get help on below link to modify attached ea based on your idea. Initially I have been looking for successful ea but I end up without any success.

I am now focusing on manual trading. Best hedging ea which can give max return. This additional offset allows to compensate for small losses, that are caused by spreads, slippages, swaps and commissions. The system is profitable as long there is sufficient level of FreeMargin to be able to open new trade positions. The overview below shows a theoretical recovery flow with corresponding Lot sizes and risk levels. Ideal recovery case, no rounding errors, spreads, slippages, etc In this case each of recovery trades is targeting the original TakeProfit level - 10pips, what results in slightly larger Lot sizes, but also in faster recovery with a larger profit!

With ForceTakeProfit parameter set to e. New trade will be opened when the price crosses trend line in desired direction. Watch the video below to see a short entry 'gs' example. When the ' EnableTradeButtons ' parameter is set, opening of direct market orders is as easy as pushing one of the 'Go Long' or 'Go Short' buttons, which are visible in the right upper corner on the selected chart.

When the ' EnableNewsTrading ' parameter is set, the EA will be able to set time scheduled pending orders. See the parameters description table below. Description of Trading settings. Your personal license key. Magic Number used to place new orders. TakeProfit level in pips , it sets also the StopLoss level which is symmetrically mirrored to the entry point. Take profit level also during recovery period in your account currency, all trades will be closed when equity reaches.

ForceTakeProfit level above the current balance level. Lot size for the initial opening trade. Break even level in pips , when trade will reach this profit level the stop loss will be moved to entry point and trade will run until TakeProfit or StopLoss level is hit.

Set to 0 to disable. Trailing stop loss step in pips after breakeven level is reached. Slippage in pips , it should stay high to allow closing orders without re-quotes. When set to 'true', this parameter will enable emulation of pending "limit orders". When set to 'true', this parameter will enable manual trade buttons that can be used to manually open and close orders.

Description of Recovery Settings. This parameter enables advanced automatic hedging recovery mechanism. Only for experienced users. Distance from the entry point in pips at which EA initiates recovery mechanism.

If set to 0 recovery mechanism is disabled! This parameter needs to be tuned according to local trading environment: It makes sure every new trade is opened with slightly lower virtual TakeProfit target than real TakeProfit level that is set by the first trade. Doing so the new lot size will always be slightly larger than the required. Lot size to breakeven at TakeProfit or StopLoss target. When enabled the recovery level is shifted closer to the market, each time a new recovery trade is opened.

This increases the chances for hitting the recovery level and so minimizes the number of recovery trades needed for reaching the breakeven or ForceTakeProfit condition. Maximum allowed number of trades during recovery periods. This parameter enables news trading timer. Make sure there are no manually pre-setup "gl" or "gs" entry trend lines on the chart when enabling this parameter.

Distance from the actual market price before a news event to the pending entry trend lines. This parameter determines the pending entry trendline length in bars. This parameter determines the day number of the month in which a news event is expected. This parameter determines the hour number of the day in which a news event is expected. This parameter determines the number of minutes of the hour in which a news event is expected.

At this moment in time pending orders trendlines are activated. Description of Debugging Options. Testing option flag, if set to true, additional broker information is displayed.

See FAQ section below. Debugging option flag, if set to true, additional trade information is printed, after tester will end. The EA writes a summary file into: It is very important to understand that this system uses account's FreeMargin for opening new trades during recovery periods. This means that your 'account size' and 'account leverage' are two main factors that will determine the maximum amount of open positions during recovery cycle.

To get better understanding of this relationship, and the influence of the EA parameters on the resulting FreeMargin drop and also on resulting DrawDown, download and play with the following MT4 indicator tool Click image to download. This error will occur when the original filename of the EA has been changed. This technique is built into virtually every modern robot using Martingale, and has a number of advantages:.

Thus, in the best case if the algorithm was written by a professional , the operations will be carried out only on one pair, which would completely distort the result and the very purpose.

The worst and the most likely outcome is that the tester will throw an error message in the log. Given the above, we will focus on the fact that the optimization should be carried out by means of a tester in MetaTrader 5, which has slightly different programming language, or by studying monitoring and try an algorithm at a demo account.

So, a monitoring will be reviewed below, since the fifth version of MetaTrader is less popular among the users. In order to answer the question on what results can be expected from such robots, it is reasonable to pay attention to the latest developments.

In our opinion, Hedge Gate algorithm is worthy of attention, as it is a classic example of Forex hedging, and — most importantly — has an operating account put on monitoring. Its chart of funds is presented below:.