Why Trade Forex: Forex vs. Futures

For an answer to your question first consider the fact that forex and futures trading is a zero-sum game that becomes a negative sum-game after you include friction.

Trading and Investing involves high levels of risk. US regulated Forex firms are not allowed to offer more than Thank you, Ninja Trader sounds like what I'm looking for. Guaranteed limited risks in FX. Currencies always trade in pairs.

Forex Versus Indexes

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When the markets do line up, check the red arrows again, I will take the trade. Another thing to note is that these two charts are nearly identical because the British Pound is the base and the US Dollar is the quote.

This is not always the case! This is because in the spot market the USD is the base while the Yen is the quote. When looking at the futures market, basically they are switched; the Yen is the base and the Dollar is the quote. Noticing that the USDJPY had a small supply zone while at the same time the Yen futures chart was in demand could have led you to take a trade on either symbol because they both lined up.

This is another type of confirmation for those of you who like that sort of thing. Obviously with an inverse chart the prices will be wildly different, this is merely an easy math equation. Keeping it simple is my preference! Another interesting difference in spot forex vs. So, futures can be cheaper to trade!

As you may know from your previous trading, not every pair has the same value per pip, which is the same in the futures market. So the big take away here is that different symbols will have different margin requirements, and they will also have different dollar values on the minimum moves pips or ticks. Many traders will choose to open one account to trade one asset class, be it spot forex or futures. If you choose to open a forex account only, you will have access to many different currency pairs to choose from.

While these obscure pairs might look good to you on a spot forex chart, trying to trade them in a futures account might be a problem. The main reason is the lack of volume, or even possibly the lack of the pair even trading in the futures market! If you choose to open a futures account, you will have access to the major currency pairs, in addition to other contracts like wheat, gold, oil, etc.

But access to all of the currency pairs will be limited. A put buyer profits if the futures contract loses value. The main difference is that option buyers are not obligated to actually purchase or sell the long currency — futures traders are. Option sellers may have to buy or sell the underlying asset if the trades go against them. Option buyers need not put up any margin and their potential loss is limited to the purchase cost, or premium, of the option.

Option sellers and futures traders must put up margin and have virtually unlimited risk. Finally, the premium of an options contract is almost always lower than the required margin on a similar futures contract. He holds an M. You can see samples of his work at ericbank. Futures and options are two different ways to trade currencies. Foreign Currency Futures Currency futures oblige the contract buyer to purchase the long currency and pay for it with the short currency.

Options on Currency Pairs The buyer of a currency pair call option may decide to execute or to sell the option on or before the expiration date. Options on Currency Futures Instead of having an option to buy and sell currency pairs, an option on a currency future gives holders the right, but not obligation, to buy a futures contract on the currency pair. Differences between Options and Futures The main difference is that option buyers are not obligated to actually purchase or sell the long currency — futures traders are.

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