ADX Forex Indicator

THE ADX. The ADX, or average directional movement index, fills this need of identifying the trending or the trading phase of the market. J. Welles Wilder developed the ADX — to my mind, his most useful and least understood invention. The ADX defines the degree of directional movement, not the direction. The directional movement system is a trading .

In this daily chart of the Nasdaq Composite, note how the use of the RSI oscillator works well during consolidating markets. Figure 3 shows an outside day, which is a day with a range that encompasses all of the movement of the previous day. Conversely, when the ADX is at very low levels, Wilder recommends not using the trend-following systems. An understanding of this now gives a background to interpret the ADX and use timing signals effectively.

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For instance, ADX is widely used in different trend trading ADX forex strategy sets where the ADX trading system may be the best option to reveal the strongest and the most high-yield trends. ADX and fast EMA cross system ADX forex trading strategy is another effective forex ADX strategy which uses average directional index together with .

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