Robinhood Launches Commission-Free Options Trading

We redesigned the options trading experience by replacing traditional, complicated options tables with a more intuitive design, highlighting the most important information. Free, Real-Time Market Data. As for Robinhood equity investors, market data for options investors streams in real-time and is free of charge.

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Key Points from Today's Show: Baiju Bhatt is the co-founder and co-CEO of Robinhood. Robinhood is an online brokerage that offers free stock trading and has grown exponentially.

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Kirk currently lives in Pennsylvania USA with his beautiful wife and two daughters. Free Options Trading From Robinhood: Our Exclusive Interview With Option Alpha iTunes Podcast. Option Alpha Google Play. Standard username and password login credentials can be paired with two-factor authentication using SMS security codes for each login attempt to ensure no one but you can access your account. If you already have fingerprint ID set up on your iPhone, the Robinhood app will automatically enable touch ID login, making jumping in and out of the app a breeze.

Because the Robinhood platform is built to be as lean as possible, it's not particularly heavy on special features.

While Robinhood's fees are quite possibly the lowest in the industry, you'll have to look elsewhere for your research, backtesting tools, or screeners. The platform is built for new investors, who may be overwhelmed by all those bells and whistles, as well as those who know what they want to do and just need a quick, cheap brokerage through which to execute pre-researched trades.

This platform is not built for traders who need all their tools and resources in one place. However, for active traders who DIY their research and data analysis anyway, Robinhood is a great tool for cutting down costs. If fees are a concern, you might consider using another free platform that has a more robust selection of features for research, and then placing trades on Robinhood.

The app's built-in consumer protections provide training wheels for new investors and are designed to help prevent high-risk investing by inexperienced users. But for day traders who understand and are comfortable with the risks of trading high-volatility securities and who want to take advantage of margin trading leverage, those consumer protections may make this platform a bad fit. Robinhood launched a web-based platform in early As anticipated, the new platform is somewhat more robust than the original mobile app, but still doesn't include quite the suite of features other free platforms tout.

The new platform is robust, but does not include quite the suite of features other free platforms tout. That being said, there's been no hint that Robinhood's bargain-basement price structure will be changing, so the new web-based platform is still a good option for those who are fee-conscious and know how to do their research elsewhere. As Robinhood's only current platform, the mobile app experience is the linchpin of its product.

While the app available on iOS and Android doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, it is extremely intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly. As noted already, you won't be able to do a lot of in-depth research using the app, but you can easily and quickly catch up on relevant news, check streaming stock prices, deposit or withdraw cash from your account, and place trades, all from your handheld device.

One of the primary advantages of the app is that it's simple to use even for beginning traders, and the app setup is highly intuitive. Every process is clearly labeled and step-by-step instructions are offered for more complex operations, like bank transfers. When you first open the app, or any time there is an update, cards will pop up to explain how to use the app or where to find new features, or to suggest handy shortcuts that make trading even simpler.

Accessing help articles and customer support is also just one tap away, and the app has all the same support resources as the website. There's also no need to head to the website for any account maintenance, as you can transfer money to or from your bank, update your account settings and investment profile, and change security requirements, all right from the app.

You can even transfer stocks from another brokerage to your Robinhood account or set up automated recurring bank transfers to ensure your account is always funded.. If you have touch ID set up on your iPhone, the iOS app automatically allows you to log in with your fingerprint once you've registered your account - a relatively minor feature that makes hopping in and out of the app quick and easy.

Executing trades is incredibly simple. You can either access the trade screen from a ticker profile, or simply swipe left on a ticker in a watchlist to reveal a "Buy" button. Swiping on a ticker will also reveal a "Delete" button, and you can remove a ticker from your watchlist by continuing to swipe left off-screen. The Robinhood app's simplicity - which may be a big benefit for casual traders or new investors - could be a hindrance to more advanced investors and day traders.

It lacks almost all research and analysis tools, meaning users need to have a pretty good idea of what they want to do before they open the app. In addition, Robinhood doesn't provide any conditional ordering capabilities or advanced routing options, so traders who utilize more advanced strategies or need to have a lot of in-depth data available at a glance may need to weigh the relative benefits of Robinhood's rock-bottom prices against the convenience of trading on the same platform they use for research.

Robinhood offers multiple ways for users to get in touch, as well as broker-assisted trading for an additional fee. Robinhood does provide some social media support, with a dedicated Twitter handle for user questions. Robinhood's support page also specifies that brokerage assistance may only be available for urgent requests, so its one-on-one services are limited. The Robinhood website has no research resources or tools. Again, it is built for those who already know what they're doing or are only executing basic trade strategies.

Since the platform only offers stock and ETF trading, there is no information about other securities, like options or futures, though the site does specify that the company hopes to add those trading capabilities in the future.