California Department of Healthcare Services

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Register Register your Acura Financial Services account online to safely and conveniently: Once registered, you can: Make payments online View statements View transaction history Update account profile information Receive email notification when your statements are available. But an opinion poll conducted July 30 to Aug. The survey of Torontonians found 47 per cent wanted the province to consider postponing the change until after the election given the timing and lack of consultation, while 22 per cent said scrap it.

Just shy of one-third of Torontonians wanted Ford to proceed with the cuts now. The online survey was commissioned by the left-leaning Broadbent Institute and Progress Toronto, formed to help progressive candidates win seats in the civic election.

The margin of error for a comparable probability-based random sample of the same size is 3. One in three respondents who said they voted PC in the June provincial election want the council cut postponed or cancelled.

It was council that voted to move from 44 wards to 47 for this election , after a four-year process aimed at equalizing ward populations. Improving Access to Dental Services for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities September 27, Analyzes the extent to which dental services are available and sufficient for individuals with developmental disabilities; finding that access challenges exist, considers options and makes recommendations for improving access.

Building Reserves to Prepare for a Recession March 7, Provides an overview of revenue losses in past recessions; compares the Governor's reserve proposal for to past reserves and other states; presents a framework the Legislature can use to plan for a recession; concludes with alternatives for legislative consideration.

The Budget Analysis of the Health and Human Services Budget February 16, Provides a broad overview of the Governor's health and human services budget, highlighting major year-over-year changes, then provides a more in-depth analysis of select programmatic areas.

Improving Outcomes for California Conservation Corpsmembers February 9, Recommends steps for the Legislature to improve outcome measurements for corpsmembers and improve the overall performance of the department. The Budget Transportation Proposals February 8, Assesses the Governor's major transportation budget proposals for various departments and programs.

Limited Space for a Growing Collection January 8, Describes the State Archives' current capacity and discusses alternatives to address limited space; recommends the Legislature determine a course of action and then direct the administration to report on the costs and benefits of potential options for the selected alternative.

Evaluation of the Statewide Project Management Office December 7, Provides background regarding the objectives and operations of the Project Management Office PMO ; details our findings in evaluating the PMO; introduces two significant recent developments and their impacts on the PMO; and makes associated recommendations on how the Legislature should proceed to better align the office with the original legislative intent.