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Edwin Alex Maikudi — Nigeria. Gracias Forex signals 30 Sir. Ok, I will try it and let you know what I think. So I have decided to give it to all of you who want to benefit from it. Dear Sir, The Activation code does not work.

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Jan 14,  · About our Expert Advisors (Forex Trading Robots) for Metatrader. A forex Expert Advisor (EA, Forex Trading Robots, Automated Trading Systems) is an automated trading software that automatically places, modifies and closes trades for you on your Metatrader 4 & 5 platform/5(99).

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You are nothing to loss your money again after get this forex signals. Since I am selling software, which is not a tangible good or service, I cannot accept returns. However, you have my solemn guarantee that all material featured on this site is truthful, genuine, and representative of the product. All indicator screen shots featured in this listing are real, and were NOT manipulated in any manner.

What is the correlation with the gold price? Potential Crude Oil Drops Again? March 20th, , 9: Entry signal is not repainted. FS30 is one of the most advanced, accurate, and profitable scalping tools on the market. What you see on screenshots is real-time indicator performance. The algorithms are quantitative and diverse in nature, considering multiple angles applicable to scalping, including price behavior, momentum derivatives, and extensive statistics before issuing signals.

You will immediately see and feel the quality of this new scalping indicator built and developed by our team, using the most advanced trading secrets. This Indicator does not only tell you when to place your positions with pinpoint accuracy; it also protects you from any unnecessary risks, guaranteeing that you will win more than you lose every single time.

We want you to win. Now with a few strict money management tips and recommendations you can lock your profits, using an excellent and fully tested money management system that always leads to a safer, more interesting and of course more profitable trading.

You might be kidding, it is not working, it means you do not have the indicator even…Two times failed at sending an indicator!!

Please and thank you! Please compress it in Windows and upload or simply put the indicator, The issue seems that it has been compressed in MAC and therefore gets corrupt when unzipped in Windows. Does anyone have the indicator without the activation key or has anyone got the right activation key. Please send me the indicator, thanks gbengsfx gmail. Where to download the free indicator?

Dear friend Please send your indicator for me i promise to you that i will compensate your favor i need money drastically. My email; Carxporsh1 gmail. On what time frame? Hello admin please share the correct activation key this key is invalid please share a correct key Thanx. Old forex trader send it to idomalord Gmail. Could you send me the indicator on icopapito87 gmail. Please check and update activation code. Kindly email to manstunna5 gmail. Could you send me the corret one please? Hello admin, it doesnt work, can you please send it to me to my mail bness87 hotmail.

Hello admin, it doesnt work, can you please send it to me to my mail jb. Please can you send me the correct activiation code to my mail kopp tirol. Have you check urself b4 uploading this indicator its not working.. Please can you send me the correct activiation code to my mail saarsaluk yahoo. The Activation code does not work. Dear Sir, The Activation code does not work. Please activation code does not work, you could send me a new one: Dear Admin sir Indicator will not download, please send me an exe file with activation code to my email address businesstravel77 gmail.

Please could you send me the correct activiation code to my mail tomitsu77 yahoo. My email is chuckzy02 gmail. Hello, please send the indicator to this email: Hi, you didnt send the correct activation code to my mail. Could you send me the correct one please? Please send me the indicator, thanks sksuankaeo gmail. May you please send the correct code validation to me barreiracarlos sapo.

Could you please provide a working Activation Code? Could anyone kindly send me the indicator at kelkams gmail.

Learn Forex foundation training course. Daily video analysis coaching program. Private members forum access. Activation code says invalid. Did you ever get a good one? Hello, Please kindly send me the correct activation code of buy and sell arrow scalper to kingj4best yahoo. Could you please send me the updated indicator to my e-mail please? I thank you up front and all the best Angela from Germany.