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The Sensible Guide to Forex: Safer, Smarter Ways to Survive and Prosper from the Start [Cliff Wachtel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.’s Best Book Award! The Sensible Guide to Forex: Safer.

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In The Sensible Guide to Forex , Cliff Wachtelprovides a road map to the confusing landscape of foreign exchangecurrency trading. He takes you from complete ignorance about forextrading to the competence necessary to profit from trading whileprotecting the hard earned capital required to enter the market.

Ifyou are serious about succeeding in forex, here is a saneconservative approach for individuals interested in gains either astraders or longer-term investors with no interest in directlytrading currencies. A highly recommended read. It covers thefundamentals clearly and comprehensively, then applies them withdetailed examples of how to identify, plan, and execute low-riskhigh-yield trades. It then provides a vast variety of ways toprofit from forex markets that will appeal to a range of skilllevels, risk tolerances, and personalities, even to long-terminvestors just seeking to identify the strongest forex trends andbest assets to ride those trends.

These include the first everin-depth look at the innovations in forex trading, social trading,and binary options. Both simplify and shorten the path to lowerrisk and higher yield returns. The extensive coverage of riskmanagement and the psychological dimension shows you how to survivethe learning period with your capital and confidenceintact. Surely one of the best theorists around onforex—heck, on investing—Wachtel has delivered awhopper of value-packed, sage goodness in his Sensible Guide toForex , perfect for the beginner and more advancedvalue-oriented investor.

But don't worry, Cliff will shepherd youthrough, every step of the way. TheSensible Guide to Forex delivers exactly what it promises, 'safer,smarter ways to prosper from the start. But it's not just another trading book. It also showslong-term investors how to use currencies for effectivediversification and potential profits. Cliff is a leading forexexpert, he knows how to write, and this one's a homerun.

Uniquely designed for the mainstreamconservative trader or investor, the book offers traders a clearand comprehensive foundation, then shows how to apply it in avariety of safer, less demanding approaches to suit a range ofpersonalities, needs, and risk tolerances. It shows long-terminvestors how to identify the strongest long-term currency trendsand build an investment portfolio that rides those trends for lesscurrency risk and better overall returns.

Better still, it's theonly forex book with an exclusive in-depth look at the fastestgrowing ways to play forex, binary options and social trading, andobjectively examine their pros and cons.

Used properly, it offersrisk control that will improve returns for traders and investors ofall levels. It's forex for the 99 percent! Even those whonever plan to trade will find a wealth of information that willmake them better investors. This step-by-step guide to lessdemanding and lower-risk ways to trade or build acurrency-diversified investment portfolio offers a lessintimidating path to forex profits. A must read for serious investors seeking to diversifybeyond stocks, bonds, and gold.

This book is the ideal shortcut to simpler, safer forex trading orinvesting. Wachtel providesfull details and illustrations to show you how to actually makemoney, without overloading you with secondary details orinformation you can find elsewhere. Understanding both the big picture and the essential, practicaldetails of how to identify, plan, and execute a profitable trade isthe manna of successful traders.

Wachtel leads the novice trader on a journey of discoveryfrom the most basic concepts in the forex market to moresophisticated trading strategies. What stands out is his honesty. He also introduces some of the latest developments in theretail forex market, from social trading to binary options.

This book gives both currenttraders and new traders the perspective they need to take theirforex trading to the next level. For the novice, first he arms you with the relevantinformation to keep you from immediately losing your shirt, so thatyou survive the learning process with most of your cash andconfidence intact. Then he takes you step-by-step through a numberof paths to profitability. He also provides the first in-depth coverage oftwo new and potentially very useful ways to tap forex—socialtrading and binary options.

No reasonable person would invest everything in one asset, or even one asset type, or sector. Yet most people have virtually everything they own tied to the fate of a single currency. As recent years have proven, failure to diversify currency exposure is among the most deadly and widespread investor mistakes. As governments strive to revive their economies with endless stimulus programs, they risk killing the value of most major currencies, and any portfolio too heavily weighted in them.

While the glaring need for currency diversification as part of any prudent financial planning is now obvious, the solutions are not, nor are they easy to find. The usual kinds of foreign exchange forex trading methods are too risky, complex, and demanding for most people. Most who try them fail within a matter of months. Moreover, they need a wide range of methods to hedge currency risk to fit a variety of needs, and they need them clearly and completely explained, and gathered up in one easy-to-find source.

After years of research, financial guru and market veteran Cliff Wachtel has written the first and only book that provides ways to exploit forex markets to hedge currency risk that are less demanding and risky than the usual forex trading strategies. Whether you're an active but prudent trader, or a passive investor seeking a steady currency-diversified income stream, there are solutions here to fit your needs.

It's an ideal starting point, neither too superficial nor too complex, and it avoids the time-consuming, complex, high-risk methods at which most traders fail.

For passive investors, it's a unique guide to considering not just the prospects of a specific investment, but also the health of the currency in which you get paid, and how that currency can affect your real risk and returns. It provides detailed explanations of a panoply of methods for hedging currency risk and improving returns that are no riskier or complex than those commonly used for stocks or bonds, while offering some significant advantages unique to forex markets. It's the ultimate beginners guide to actually making money in forex.

It's packed with alternative and new approaches to forex for active traders and passive investors, in-depth coverage of the key aspects of trader psychology, risk and money management techniques identifying and exploiting the most reliable long-term forex and commodity trends, and much, much more. It also provides an objective, in-depth look at two new and powerful ways to tap forex: Since the start of the Great Recession in , currency diversification has become the great unsolved investor dilemma.

The Sensible Guide to Forex is the ideal starting point for anyone seeking the safest, smartest solutions. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Provides traders with safer, smarter, less complex andtime-consuming ways to trade forex with higher odds of success.

These include the use of such increasingly popular new instrumentslike forex binary options and social trading accounts that mimicexpert traders. Shows investors how to identify the currencies most likely tohold or increase their value, and provides a wealth of ideas abouthow to apply that knowledge to a long-term, low-maintenanceportfolio for both income and capital appreciation.

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