Khatha Registration & Khatha Transfer in Bangalore

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If yes, what the procedure i have follow, please help I am planning to build house. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Manmohan Singh, the then finance minister. What can be done to obtain the E khata? Regulations for building new houses with proper sanitation facilities came into effect.

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Kindly direct me if there is any other option to start my house construction. I am not aware of the policies or guidelines applicable at your location. Suggest you to visit the nearest local civic body municipality or panchayat to get more details on how to make khata transfer and why it has been blocked.

Ever since, I have been paying the taxes regularly every year. The tax receipts are in my name. Ambedkar Nagar, kattigenahalli, yelahanka, Bangalore.

Where to apply for A-kathe? What and all documents need? Kindly contact the nearest BBMP ward office. Thank you, Its an very informative site.

My question is that, My mother KHB had allocated a 30X40 Site in surya nagar phase 2, Now i have get Khatha i have visited KHB office number of times but still no luck they say come next very time this is the probelm. We have paid full cash and got registered in my mother name, can you please suggest setps to get Khatha please. Probably, they are looking for under-the-table payment to give right information to you. But i have a question, is it possible to apply for khata when the case is in court regarding the site.

I have won the case in civil court, but the case is now in Highcourt raised by some third party with duplicate duplicate papers. Dear Praveen, Tricky one. If EC shows you as the owner and if you have a valid Sale deed in your name, I believe you can apply for Khata transfer. The Layout plan is not as what i purchased 20 years back. Is it possible to apply for khata? Kindly contact the concerned panchayat office or corporation office and get more details.

I have bought a land of 30 X 40 Feet size in Ravuthanahalli village in Bangalore North Tehsil of Bangalore district for house construction purpose. Now I am planning to start the house construction as my family is in need of a home now. I discussed with several construction contractors for quotes and queries. They told me that after the land registration, land Khata needs to be done at respective Gram Panchayat then only the land construction could be started and also the Khata is required to get the Electricity and Water connections from the respective Boards.

Subsequently I talked with the person who sold me the land, for getting the Khata. But he told me that currently the Khatas are not being done and once the process starts he would help me. I hereby humbly request you to advise me if there are any alternate procedures for starting my house construction and getting the Electricity and Water connections without any legal issues.

Suggest you to kindly visit the concerned Panchayat office and enquire about e-Khata for your property. I may be wrong, so kindly provide valid source link if any for your view-point. I own a property, I. Kindly advise what are the documents required and how to get Khata for the above referred property.

Your help is well apprecitaed. Dear Krishnaswami, Kindly visit the BBMP ward office and submit your Khata registration application assuming you are the first owner of the property. You have to submit registration application, Possession certificate,Sale deed, Latest Encumbrance Certificate EC reflecting the current owner name and Demand Draft DD for khatha registration and latest property tax receipt you can issue demand draft for the tax dues.

I have a site in Malur alloted by KHB. They have advised that the Khata is ready. But yet to provide me with a copy. Can you please let me know if i can download a copy or how can i obtain a copy of the same. It is a demand register of assessment of the annual year. The Gram Panchayath will issue Form No.

It contains the following details:. The details of the tax i. Dear Srikhant, I am trying to get a B khata extract for my flat in sakala services. But Bbmp officers are telling me that it is not possible to apply in sakala for the B khata of my flat. Is it true or they are just playing around? Hi sir Vinod here regarding to property issue of my anscetor property ,for my grandfather 4 sons and their entered into partioned deed in written but no seal in that deed according to that property is divided yo all 4 members and have documents and again in their with in family 1 and last son of my grand father enteredd into partioned deed that time by mistake 2and 3 sons property as entered into that partiondeed and 4th son property their putting site and selling but in that all 4 members of my grandfather sons have not signed in that deed ,is that deed valid or not and can 4 th son can claim his own property ,, pls reply need ur help.

I would to inform we are three brothers and one sister all got married my sister stay separate we have ancestor property in richmond town recently i have lost may dad and mom…..

During my dad alive return will for 3 brothers equally share and one third value give cash to my sister…We have agreed to pay cash accordingly to property value. She sent the injunction order and return OS number in the building ….. We would to transfer khata in our name. Please suggested us in this regard. Dear Ramesh, Injunction order is a court order. So, you also may have to take legal route only.

But, it is better to speak to your sister openly and settle this issue amicably out-of-court settlement. Once, the issue is sorted out, you can go for Khata transfer. I am planning to buy a flat in Electronic city phase 1. When we approached a lawyer with the documents provided by the builder, he says that the khata is not valid as it is a hand written one. He says the valid once is only E Khata.

What can be done to obtain the E khata? The builder says that E khata is not available with the Hebbagodi Panchayat and the available one in only the old style hand written one. Can we re-sell it at later point of time without any issues?

Dear Krishna, Your lawyer might be right. You may ask your builder to get e-Khata done in his name. You may also visit the panchayat office and try to find out if e-Khata can be issued for the said property.

Sir, we have taken half site in our village which is of conversation site the other of is taken by our partners we have got registration also be done but for the khatha they r telling half site khatha registration scheme as gone nw is that true… If it is what we should do… N hw many days it may take for khatha registration….

I believe that site should be at least sq ft to get Khata bifurcation done assuming this property is in Karnataka. I am not very sure if the rules have changed now. The seller has provided Form-9 and Form Khatha documents In which there is no property-ID only Name and other stuffs details have been mentioned.

But 1 year back Bidadi is moved to Municipal town limits. Seller had initially agreed for it. Can you please tell me whether i can go ahead with buying the plot? And ask for Seller do the Khatha transfer. You may insist on getting E-Khata if applicable done. I am going to buy a independent house in Bangalore by taking a home load, property type is khata B and betterment charges are not paid yet.

So post sale deed registration what all things I need to transfer into my name, I have listed some which I need to get transferred to my name, please add if you see I am missing any important things here. Thanks Mate, I am planning to pay betterment fees down the line. So if betterment fees is paid I can apply for A Khatha right? Suggest you to check about the eligibility of getting A-khata on your property with BBMP staff when paying the betterment charges. Kindly visit the BBMP ward office and can get this done.

Generally it takes 2 to 4 weeks of time. Refer to above article for the required documents list. Hi santosh, can I know your contact details because I live in the same locality as you and I have same problem…kindly reply so that I can contact you…???? Hi , I m planning to buy a site near nelamangala which comes under Bangalore north taluk, Bangalore district.

The seller has got POA from the actual owner. I hv verified in DC office regarding DC conversion it is proper. Now I m asking fa khata he is just pushing days.. N tells he can give manual khata but asks not to track any where. He says it is b khata only. Plez guide can I go ahead or shld I drop. Also he is not giving title deed says to the owner its ancestral property. Dear Srikanth, I bought an apartment at Mantri Tranquill in and have never paid the property tax.

I did not know that the property tax has to be pain until few months back. Are the any agency or company who can apply khatta on my behalf and pay the property tax for all these year and get current. Im planning to buy an appartment in Marathahalli, and the current flat owner doesnt have any Khata certificate.

Now i donno what is procedure. Kindly go through the article. I am planning to buy a flat and thew Builder sold the flat to one person and i am buying from Them.. Now the owner of the flat has not transffered the Khata to their name. Hello I am selling my apartment in Purva Venezia. When I took possession the apartment was registered. Your buyer may ask for it. So, its better to kindly get it done and then sell your property. I had the property registered when I took over from Purvankara.

All Registration charges, Taxes etc are all paid and up to date and have receipts. I brought site in Shiva reddy layout, Naganathpura near Central Jail. Recently it is converted to BBMP limit before buying me. There is any chance to transfer A-Khatha. If yes, what the procedure i have follow, please help I am planning to build house. If you have all the required documents, you can get it converted to A-Khata. Suggest you to visit your nearest BBMP ward office and inquire about this.

Hello Sreekanth, I have given my xerox documents to broker for doing Katha, is there any chances that he may cheat me and my property writes in his name. I have purchased site from JR Urbania which is in chandapur anekal road.

This comes under Anekal planning authority. Initially they said that they will do e-khatha transfer. This is not true. Land conversion order copy V. Phone number and contact details IX. Latest tax paid receipt X.

Form 9 and 11 XI. The khata extract which was given to the site owners as form 9 and 11 previously is not converted into online form which is called e-khata. The registers at Panchayat office are getting converted into online database. We think it should reduce corruption. How is e-khata different? How does e-khata help? In selling, it is required by Sub-Registrar for making any sale registry.

For buyers it gives detail record of land and ownership. Will the Purchase get the Katha Certificate for his floor individually? Dear Veeresh, If you can get the registration done separately then I believe that you can also get Khata separately.

Hi When i applied for Khata transfer, the due process of verification of relevant records was followe dna then a document called Uttar Patra was issued. Is this the Khata? If not then what needs to be done next to get the final Khata certificate? Did you submit the required documents?

Hi Sreekanth Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, i was asked to submit the above mentioned docs although not sure if they asked the old Khatha doc. When i went there, there was one person from among the group who had visited to verify the property. Hence i thought that this would have been the end of the process. Later i got to know that there is one further step to be taken to get the Khata Patra.

Not sure what has to be done to get the Khata Patra after having got the Uttarpatra. I have provided the sample Khata certificate image in the article.

Kindly ask the officials to issue KC. Hope they are not expecting some under the table payment. Just wanted to know whether issuing of Uttarpatra and then the Khatha certificate is the usual course of action. Now, my bank was asking for the latest tax paid receipt. Can I pay tax and get receipt in my name? If yes on what basis? Pl let me know Regards Devaraj. Hi, sir I had purchased one flat in bangalore, apart from 4 dd payment for registration, builders were demanding 25 k cash seperate for e khata, I said if v all go with a group, than it should b less right, kindly suggest.

You mentioned thru online module one can apply for khata cert but the link provided does not take us to the module.

Can we really apply it online by attaching all scan copies of our house docs without having the need to visit bbmp office? For flat in raghuvanahalli, kanakpura road, sumo leaves which bbmp office has to be visited to apply for khatha if online application is not possible?

Looks like the online facility has now been removed. We have agricultural land , it was purchased our grand father , thought sale deed , but they not changed Khata, still khata not change, because for our family issue. I am planning to purchase a property nearby electronic city. Seller purchased land in , but still now they are not paid tax and not transferred Khata to in her name.

Now she wants to do khata transfer activity, but in BBMP- Bomanahalli , officers telling that , up to September , they are unable to do khata transfer and to give tax receipt in her name. My query is — if I registered the property in my name now, 1 Is it possible to transfer khata in my name afterwards? Dear Girish, 1 — It is possible but you may have to bear the entire tax payments. We have a property in Bangalore of which I am the first owner. What is the procedure to correct this and how do I go about it?

Dear Richard, Kindly go through this article, click here.. I believe that you can get your name added in Khata records. You can submit Sale deed copy and required fees if any and get this done. Hi Sree, They are going to give bill for 30K. Off course they are going to show all this income in some development activity which is not accountable. I checked some other area too…same answer.

I think all this guys might have some commitment to Siddu sir…. I was not given the Khata Certificate by the vendor whilst registering the property on my name, however based on Sale Deed and Encumbrance certificate can I proceed for a Khata Registration or I should go for Khata Transfer, also to add the EChallan for paying the tax still reflects the old owner name. Could you comment on the govt charges and service charge to the Panchayat office?

I dont think the charges are such high legal charges. Could you please clarify it. I did not do khata that time. Now decided to do it. AS per the above post, I have to provide below documents. Have some doubts here. Copies of previous tax paid receipts if any — I am not paying the tax from past 4 years from the time registration happened.

Can I pay tax before Khata transfer? If yes, whose name I should pay it? Possession certificate — Where do I get this? Sketch showing the location of property — Should we approach any Engineer for this? Application in prescribed form — Can I download this form from some where? Attested copy of the title deed — I hope gezetted sign on sale deed should be OK. PC is not applicable for individual plots. However you should have got Allotment letter from BDA.

Location MAP — They have not asked me. I purchased a flat in KR Puram. But not yet done the Khata transfer. Will it be true. Which will be better? You may first kindly contact BBMP office and find out about the possibility of Khata transfer on your property. If you do not get property response then you may go ahead with the middle-man. My father has a BDA plot in Bangalore that was allotted to him 10 yrs ago. Now, he would like to gift it to me.

I have a brother who has no interest in this. Is it possible to get it transfered in my name? Dear Shridhar, Yes, he can execute a Gift Deed in your name.

He may also write a WILL. I bot a flat in and the seller did not have the katha at that time due to some issues. Later after few months I got the original katha of the seller. I need to transfer it to my name which has not been done till What is the procedure and the fees for Katha? Recently, I have purchased a site in a private layout which was approved by BDA.

I have Khata certificate on builder name and want to transfer to my name. Could you please guide on my below queries:. Is there anything would be mentioned on Khata certificate about this? Dear Yogesh, 1 — No. You have to get it from BBMP only. Thanks for the response! You may kindly visit nearest BBMP help centre and get more details. Else the site may fall under BMP or any panchayat limits.

Dear Thejaswini, Property was purchased in your name when your were minor and when u attend majority you become the absolute owner of the property. I believe that you can get Khata transfer done to your name. Dear Srikanth, I have purchased a flat recently and it is B-khata, the land belongs to two people and they made MOU with developers to build apartments. Now few of us as flat owners decided to get the Khata, Please advice us on the formalities to be followed and other things to take care.

Thanks for the article! Wanted to check something, would appreciate any response. We had a site which we purchased a few years back. Recently, we got the B-katha done by submitting all the sale deeds including the title deed. If not, what is the best way to correct this? Dear Abhiram, Probably the details have not yet been updated. Suggest you to apply for Khata extract and check the details. I am planning to take a property which is in BBMP area and the house is B katha panchyath approve ,owner is ready to convert it to A katha.

Is it possible to pay betterment charges and convert it in to A katha and what is the process, please let me know. It is possible if all the documents are clear and in-place. You may ask your prospective seller to convert it to A-Khatha to his name and then you can buy the property afterwhich you can do the Khata transfer to your name.

If the property is A-Khatha one, after the transfer too it has to remain the same. I had purchased a Gramantha Panchayat site 3 years back. I wanted to transfer Katha to my name. When i went and inquired for the Katha transfer, they told me the owner of the site who has given the Katha is a forged one.

Called the owner but not getting proper response. Please let me know what i should do in this case? The officer of Gramantha Panchayat informed me that all other documents are proper.

Suggest you to first apply for Khata extract and try to find out in whose name the katha has been entered and then take action accordingly. It is a DC conversion site. But the owner is not giving khata and title deed. And he says he can only get manual khata. Hi Sir, Bought apartment near kanakapura road in December Till now i have not paid property tax and also khata trasfer is not done.

Suggest me which should be done first Property tax payment or Khata transfer??? You have to first clear the property tax dues, get the latest tax paid receipt and then can apply for Khata transfer. He passed away two years ago, and the ownership passed to my mother.

Kindly go through the article: I have a property registered in Gowribidanur Tq, Chikkaballapur District. Do you know any link how could I check if I am allotted Khatha or not? What Could I do online to get it? Dear Balakrishna, I do not believe that online provision is available to check Panchayat limits land records. Kindly visit the revenue office and ask for Khata-extract. Can you please let me know, how can I get a bifurcated khata, Entire plot has A khata which is divided into 4 plots now and 4 different ppl have got this now.

Please let me know how to get this done. Dear Srikanth, I had purchased land in Should I be concerned about this? Another question I have is, can someone get the khatha transferred into their name, without a sale deed? I am not getting it anywhere. Dear Atanu, Check out this address: We recently bought sq feet plot near Kanakapura Road, its A-Khatha. The property registration was made in Konankunte Sub Registrar office. Since we stay in Yeshwanthpur, can we approach nearest BBMP office for khatha transfer or we need to goto same office where registration happened?

Dear Sadanand, Kindly note that Khata related work has nothing to do with the registration office. You have to visit the respective BBMP ward office and get this done.

What is mutation of property? Why it is important to transfer the title of property? I just want to know one thing… suppose my building is not eligible for A Khata and my builder is telling to transfer the Khata to your name.. But my question is if its not legal and not regularized by the Government, why should i transfer the Khata because there is No B Khata..

If this is the case i can pay only tax why should i transfer the Khata. Dear Pradeep, Yes there is no B-Khata as such, but there is something called B-Register many of us refer it as b-khata. So, you builder might want you to get the Khata transferred to your name and henceforth you can make property tax payments. I have bought property at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore in I transferred Khata to my name 2 months back only.

Dear Vineet, Do you have the application number? Chances are that the Khata transfer might not have been done correctly. You may apply for Khata Extract and check if the transfer has been done to your name or not.

My son bought a property in bangalore. Khatha has been transferred in his name. Can I find online whether his name is there in the khatha? I dont think there is any such online provision to check the Khata details as of now. However you can apply for Khata Extract offline and verify your details. Dear Sreekanth, I have purchased a flat in KR puram. My builder has not yet issued the OC. He says it is still in progress. I am paying property tax to BBMP since 3 years and my tax receipt has my name also.

Does it mean that khata bifurcation is already done? If someone is interested to buy my house, will I be able to register the sale deed with this status? Looks like Khata transfer has been done. Importance of Occupation Certificate.. I have purchased a house in in begur road, hongsandra. Is it possible to get the A Khata for the house?

He was having only CMC Khata for the whole area that he got from previous owner and was not having any khata for the vacant site at that time in I went to BBMP office to get the khata, they told we cant give the khata as Khata bifurcation is not done. Then you may first have to apply for Khata bifurcation.

Suggest you to speak to your ex-owner too. So you mean to say I have to do the Khata bifurcation for the whole area which is having the CMC khata? Has the plot been divided into sub-plots? If there are multiple owners now, suggest you to speak with them too and get khata bifurcation done. I purchased a flat in Platinum City in I shifted out from Bangalore and did not transfer the khata in my name.

Now i was to sell this property. Can this khata can be transferred directly in purchasers name or i have to first get it transferred in my name and then he will have to do it in his name. Your help is required in this case. Dear Rajesh, It is better you get it transferred to your name and then sell it, the papers can be clear for the buyer to go ahead with the purchase. Will you please help for my query. Accordingly the khata A type is also in her name. I understood the procedure from the earlier posts.

The builder said we will be getting A Khata and also have shown the A Khata certificate for the land. Now the construction is over and we are staying. But the khatha transfer and the property tax payment is still not done. There are 96 apartments.

Will all these gets A khatha since the land is A khatha. How can we confirm what Khatha we are going to get. The builder is playing smart and now asking us to wait for Akrama Sakrama to implement. Mostly, the builder is trying to shift the burden of paying penalties if any, for structural deviations etc on to the end buyers flat owners. Dear Suresh, It is tough to me to suggest anything on penalties without actually looking into the details. Now I am trying to get khata transferred to my name.

Most probably you should also get it. Iam planning to purchase a house but the last GPA holder owner has been paid the betterment charges and taken the rcipte and it is not requalarized for A khata and made sale deed and in khata legder it has been not change now the present owner wants to sale the property and the BBMP officials are telling that the kahata is not A khata and not transfered to A from B any help in this please let me no..

If all the documents are in place, you can consider buying it but do consult a civil lawyer and get expert advice. An auction site of sq ft. Out of these two split sites, I am thinking of buyung sq ft.

On verifying the auction conditions i find that the plot shall not be split into two or more without obtaining previous approval from BDA. On questioning this, the prospective seller of sq ft. Is he right Sir? Dear Vijay, The site can be bifurcated but I believe that the minimum plot size after the bifurcation should be sq ft. You can also apply for Khata bifurcation after the split.

However, kindly take a legal opinion on this and take final decision. We had purchased a site in marathahally measuring sq ft and it is B-Khatha. Now we are planning to build the house. Can you please suggest for my below queries. How should i proceed further?

Dear Praveen, 1 — If documents are clear, you can try getting A-Khata. Kindly visit your nearest BBMP ward revenue office and get more details. We have bought in Bilishivale in of Grama Thana Site. Now we have online tax payment process set up and friend told it is B katha. Can we convert to A katha, when how much approx. Currently some akrama Sakrama is over looks.

Is if for Buildings only? I doubt you get A-Khata now. However you may check about this at respective Revenue office. Akrama Sakrama scheme is applicable for layouts and buildings as well. I purchased 1 site near Bagur, chikkathirupathi.

I am not getting the e-katha because of PDO problem. I am not able to get registration on my site since from 1 year. So can you please suggest me where can i get the e-katha rather than panchayat. What is PDO problem? I believe that one can get e-Katha only in respective panchayat revenue office only.

You can try to get e-Katha after buying the property. Is it under panchayat limits? If yes, try to find out if that respective panchayat is issuing e-Kathas for the properties located near to the property that you are planning to buy. Same is done and received the khata certificate on my name. But when I am trying to make the property tax for this year online, the application still showing the old owner name.

Please could you let me know how I can proceed? Should I make the property tax payment with old owner name only? Mostly the khata certificate is not a genuine one and not yet registered in the Revenue office. Suggest you to apply for Khata Extract and find out if the transfer has been really done or not.

It is Non DC converted Revenue land. The panchayat official said , there is no government order for issuing Khatau. Kindly suggest how will I get Khata in my name.

We bought a corner site of about sft in from one of our friend. Registered sft 30 x 40 in my husband name and rest in my name. Middle Man did all formalities. This year I went to change the name in tax paid receipt. In the concerned tax office they went thru the documents and told it is a forgery Khata certificate and it is not yet transferred and there is no entry in their ledger. It is still in previous owner name.

Just to do this formality they made me visit them 3 times with some or the other details. I have all documents including betterment charge paid receipt, old Khata certificate in previous owner name etc. Then told to get a form filled for Khata bifurcation and transfer. They were so reluctant to tell what is to be filled in the form and what documents to attest. They have given me back acknowledgement form and told to come after 15 days to know the position.

Should I bribe them to complete my job? If yes, how much? And what are the formalities after this step? Dear Gouravi, I believe that though the registration of two sites have been done, the bifurcation was not updated in Khata ledger. Most probably your agent has not done his work properly. Kindly check with them as to what they are expecting?? I have a apartment flat built up on A khata property, but It is not on DC converted land. Land got A khatha by paying betterment charge to CMC.

Now builders are saying I will get B khata for the Flat after registration and later on it can be converted to A khata by Akrama Sakrama. Dear Santhosh, I somehow feel something fishy here..

DC conversion is very important. Kindly consult a lawyer and get a legal opinion on this. I am planning to buy a site near Nelmangala , revenue land converted to layout which has no approval. What are the problems i will face in future and can I get katha for that land. Can I get approval for construction of house in that plot. Dear Murali, Is it under the Panchayat limits? If all the documents are in place, you can apply for e-Katha. I think that the office is in Gottigere. Suggest you to visit the nearest BBMP help centre.

If Khata transfer is done on your name, you can pay it online, else get it transferred in your name and pay the the taxes through DD. From next year onwards, you can pay it online through bbmp website. Without bribe how to get a khata, Please inform.

I purchased a flat in Kengeri by taking a loan in a nationalised Bank and got it registered recently. Without bribe how can I get a khata, please inform. The price appreciation in this area for the last 3 to 5 years is almost stable Or appreciating at the rate of bank FD. So, we may expect the same going forward. Is this for self-occupation or for investment purposes? My father had purchased a land property in through a GPA , in we got Khata registered and we were given a Holder Khata.

Later in we got the property registered from the land owner. My question is how can we convert a Holder Khata to Owner Khata. Also, the survey number is not entered in the sale register deed, however PID humber has been mentioned.

Is it neccessary to have Survey number updated and how will we do so? The property is well within BBMP limits. Dear Abdulla, I believe that Survey Number is important. Suggest you to take help of a lawyer or any good real estate agent to get this done.

How do we approach BBMP to regularize the building if the builder has deviated the original plan. Is there any way Building association can approach BBMP directly or we have to route this through builder only. If possible, can you guide us what is the process of doing this. But I believe that many applicants get this done without OCs by paying under the table payments. Kindly note that OC is a very important document and try to get it from your builder. The site is having Sq Ft.

Land owner has constructed a new house in that Sq ft area Hence I am buying a ready built house. It is a B -Khata DC converted land. If yes which one is better. Before registration or After Registration?

Since it is bifurcated will I face any issue? Dear Fantin, 1 — If possible you may ask your land owner to get A-khata in his name and after the registration you can apply for the Khata transfer. Check the mother deed, khatha bifurcation details etc.

Currently its showing land owner Name. Is it possible to apply online? Kindly go through the points given in the article. Online Khata transfer facility used to be available, but for the last few months the link has been disabled. I am not sure if BBMP is now accepting the online applications or not. Hi Sreekanth, Appreciated for your quick response. When we approached Panchayat office for name change in khatha they mentioned k. I agree with, even I am not interested in under the table payments.

But not sure without that they will process the request? I have Couple more queries.. Hi sir, I have a recently built a house in hennur on a b katha land d c converted , can apply for A katha now after construction.. My house is at medahalli near KR puram. I want to transfer B katha to my name. I am going through third party for doing it. It was only on papers. Please let me what he said is correct or not. Suggest you to get Khata Extract after the transfer is done, to make sure that your name is recorded in the Khata register.

Thanks for your reply. My landlord brought 2 sights and converted that as full sight on his name and sold to me after wards. Now one the half sight is having the PID and now middle men said that he will transfer that PID on my name and I can pay tax on that pid. Is it ok or do I need to ask anything. Do you have copy of Khata Amalgamation? Make sure you get Khata extract which has both sites in it. Mostly your the name transfer might not yet done in Khatha book.

Thanks for the very informative blog. I have a simple queries around khata transfer. The builder has paid the tax only upto , which means i need to clear the taxes for , and My doubts are as below: Do we need to first get the Khata transfer before we pay the taxes? Or can we pay the taxes and then get the Khata transferred to my name. And then automatically, the property tax also gets updated with my name? Do we need to go to the registrar office in the same area or can we go to any other registrar office as well to get the Khata trasnferred?

So, first they will process your transfer request then update the property tax paid register in your name and then extract fresh Katha in your name. Today BBMP officer in vijayanagar ward took Rs for khata transfer from my mother- in — law to wife name for that from past 15 days he did not move the file after paying Rs he started to fill all the required documents and said by monday he give the khatha and khatha extract in my wife.

Unfortunately this is the case in most of the wards. Thanks for sharing your experience here. Hi Dayanand, Did that monday finally he gave khata extract? Because we also faced same issue. I have purchased a villa in Kanamangala main road in Whitefield which in under Panchayath. Can anyone please confirm if this is true and if there is any official document to clarify the Katha transfer fee in Gram Panchayath.

My family members also feeling bad fear … Sir.. Is it under any panchayat limits? I have recently bought a flat which is 10year old.. I am planning to get the Katha Transfer.. Is there any timeline to get the Katha transfer from your purchased date?

Not relevant but for Idea- How much middleman generally charge for getting this work done? Dear punit, 1 — Unfortunately or fortunately middle-men in most of the scenarios will make your life easy. Do assume that in case if the officers staff are not responding to you properly, that means they might be expecting some extra payment from you. But it is always better to get it at the earliest. I have purchased an apartment in Hoodi and have got OC as well.

Now I am looking at going for Khata Transfer. Can you help me as how to go about it. Looking at your blog, I have downloaded the Khata Transfer form, I have the copy of registered sale deed, Tax payment receipt one I pay.

Not able to understand what is Title deed and how do get it. Since its an apartment bought from a builder, he has not shared the title deed docs with buyers but are possibly available with the lending bank from whom I have taken home loan. Bank is unlikely to issue a copy of title deed, please suggest if it is necessary to have the title deed or the copy of sale deed will do the job for me. Looking forward to your response. The layout is not approved but comes under BBMP limits.

The layout has 3 owners. It has three different kathas. Katha amalgation is not done. There is representative for all these 3 owners among which MOU is done for developing the layout. Owners are in process of selling whole layout to MOU holder. During sale agreement , only representative will be signing. My plot will be registered with couple of owners signing the sale deed and also representative.

But not all 3 owners will be signing. Kindly advice on how to proceed. Dear Vikram, Suggest you to approach and consult a good civic lawyer and take legal opinion from the expert. I bought a property on Tannery Road. And I need to transfer khata from old owner to my name, when approaching to municipal office, the officer is asking 15ooo to transfer after seeing my property document.

Could you advise, how to approach and what is actual and legal fees for khata transfer for sqft 2 story building in tannery road. In addition to this a very nominal charge for Khata extract.

There is a house in sunkadakatte kebbahalla area which was given at free of cost for people in The original Accupatra says not to sale the property untill 25 years. But the allotte sold the property before 20 years. But present land owner says he will get the B-khatta since he is going to sell the house. If I am in your position, I will not buy. However, suggest you to get legal opinion on this. Hi Srikanth, Do u know what is process to khatha transfer in electronic city phase-2 ananth nagar?

We went to hebbagodi panchayat office where person was speaking only kannada, but after paying him Rs he started speaking engish and other languages. But again he asked to call him mobile for further details.

He was not giving details for khatha transfer only he was speaking in code word which was difficult to understand. Govt paying salary to govt officers to do job but they speaks only after paying bribe. This is really difficult to handle bribe in govt offices. Dear Mukut, The procedure is same as mentioned in the article. Kindly note that I am not encouraging you to do this but sadly this is the state of affairs in most of the govt offices. The link used to be on BBMP website and can not be found now, probably they are not providing online facility now.

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