What is Forex?

One Day Beginners Course in Forex Trading in Birmingham An award-winning, certified course in Forex trading for beginners is run twice yearly in Birmingham by Alpha Trading Floor to cater to people throughout the Midlands interested in Forex trading.

Wouldn't hesitate at all to recommend them. I have no hesitation in recommending Colmore fx. Looking to learn to trade Cryptocurrency? We have created Project Forex to change peoples lives. Our structured course crafts the abilities in an individual to navigate the fast paced world of fx.

James Ralph

Learn how to trade the forex market. Learn how to become consistent and profitable traders. 20% off today only.

Is the course suitable for a beginner trader? Yes, we take a holistic approach to trader development so every candidate will be trained in detail on every part of the process. I am not located in the UK, can i still take the course? Our virtual classroom technology uses a state of the art interface to deliver live video feeds of our instructors and interactive whiteboard direct to your computer. This gives us the ability to deliver high quality 1 to 1 teaching all over the world.

Please request a demo to see how immersive this techonology makes the learning experience. I'm concerned about having very little experience with software and technology in general.

Can I still trade? The software component of trading is core to making trades. Can I trade part-time? Yes, our strategies allow you to trade on multiple timeframes. This gives you flexibility to take positions around your work schedule. What makes Colmore FX different? We teach you everything you need to know about markets and leave out unnecessary noise. We teach from a list of 24 sub-modules and design a bespoke course around each student. On completion of the course we put you in a position to be self sufficient as a trader.

Join the growing list of traders who have benefited from our fx trading academy. Find out how to advance your trading career with Colmore FX Cryptocurrency trading experts. Trading Crypto from it's inception in Forex Trading We deliver high quality Forex Trading Education all over the world with our state of the art virtual classroom technology. Benefits of Forex trading Volatility.

Colmore FX methodology We believe to develop the best traders requires the best quality education. FX teaching environment Based in central Birmingham UK, we offer 3 flexible options for tuition all over the world. All classes can be taken 1 to 1, onsite with your personal trading expert. We offer a full 1 to 1 course on-line, through virtual classrooms. Mix onsite classroom and on-line courses to suit your availability. Live trading We believe live trading sessions are a key component to a trader's development.

EverythingFx is a revolutionary concept, which allows anybody, from any background to trade alongside FX market professionals. The astrofx team make sure that they continually offer support on my journey.

Everything is always clear and concise with regular updates to our members zone. We're constantly being kept ahead of the curve via these videos and our private webinars. They make everything easy and uncomplicated. Can't recommend them highly enough. Immense value in all of the services they offer and im so happy i took their course at the start of this year.

Astrofx have made able to break down a chart and now I'm able to see trends and possible entry's that I could not really see before I am so happy I took the course this is what I needed that hands on experience with great traders. I have nothing but great feedback on my Astrofx experience, i never knew anything about forex before meeting Shaun and Natt, i was introduced to AstroFX by a close friend of mine who mentioned that trading could be a nice side hustle to have to help pay bills, provide a better quality of life etc.

I found Shaun on facebook and after a few conversations about price, course information etc before handing any money over just having a daughter aswell i was skeptical about paying the fee as i've never invested in anything ever let alone myself. I arranged to meet the team in Birmingham at their offices as i didn't want to give my money to somebody i didn't believe in or trust.

After a couple of hours of discussing what the course entailed , the attitude i had to have capabilities of what i could earn and how trading forex could improve me as a person I thought "Why not, i can do this" i had two full intense days of going over the basics and credit to these guys they kept my attention throughout and i didn't feel like i was back at school haha after the two days we constructed a trading plan together that i was to stick to along with studying the AstroFX Bible LOL i was advised to trade and practice on demo until i felt comfortable which was around 6 - 8 months then start trading a small amount of money to eventually where i am now Ever since this decision to start trading has changed my life and has changed me as a person.

After nearly two years i'm now a part time profitable trader who intends to trade full time at the start of !! I can't thank Natt and Shaun enough as you guys have helped changed my life you guys gave me the push i needed to succeed. A professional and personable service from Shaun and Natt. The course delivered a great depth of knowledge and helped me build the skills required to trade forex successfully.

Wouldn't hesitate at all to recommend them. The guys Shaun Aman and John were amazing. Really good and patient. Would highly recommend the course. Plus the facilities were great. Only having 5 students allowed us to have ! This was the course i needed! If you have an interest in Forex and don't have a clear cut plan I couldn't recommend it enough. I had done a previous course but was still left struggling, once I had completed this course everything was so much more clear and easier to interpret.

Don't waste money and time trying to figure out everything for yourself. Let these guys use their past mistakes and experience to fast track your journey. Well, how can i begin? I started trading at 1 july with a lot of motivation. I started with a few hundreds and lost it. Deposited again and lost it. But i didn't gave up and kept depositing and again lost the deposited money. Joined every signal service we know.

So i stopped with the signals and started trading on my own again with some friends but it wasn't consistent. I knew AstroFX for one year already but never followed them. And i did it. Followed their Technical Tuesday video's and gained lot of information. A little bit scared because it was my first time in England and i was alone. However i did their course and it was just amazing.

It was an eye opener for me and Shaun was very friendly!